Our Response to COVID-19

As our state continues to open up…. We must remember that seniors and individuals with underlying conditions are still vulnerable and at high-risk for COVID-19. At the same time, we understand that we must continue to provide safe high-quality care. Please read on to learn about how we are ensuring safety in the workplace and in your home.

How we are keeping our employees and clients safe:

Office Procedures:

Field Staff Procedures:

Client Safety:

Lastly, NJ Home Health Care is working with Urban Pledge, our non-profit organization, to ensure that social distancing does not turn into social isolation.  Urban Pledge is providing weekly social calls to our clients to support their mental health by providing emotional connections.  Urban Pledge is also assisting our clients with any basic need they may lack and helping them connect with other community resources. 

Please Click Here for our Training Facility Restart Plan